We are proud to provide underground services to clients in need of fast and minimal surface disruption. 

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At A1 Directional Drilling we can manage all aspects of trenchless (horizontal drilling) installation from water mains, sewer mains, telecom, fibre optic cable, power and gas pipes for commercial and residential properties. We can drill bores from 25mm to 500mm.

We do jobs at schools, factories, army bases, rural properties, new builds, housing NZ projects, Auckland Airport, residential and commercial properties.

We make sure every job is completed safely, efficiently and within budget.

How directional drilling works?

With the use of electronic sensors within the drill head (sonde), the drill head is accurately tracked and any necessary alignment changes to the bore can easily be made. Using a walk-over or down-hole location system, our drilling technicians can collect data from the battery-operated sonde system. This data includes detailed information on the depth, location, direction, and angle of the drill. Using this data, the operator is able to correctly align the drill along its route and also avoid any existing buried utilities.

We supply and/or pull the conduits into the bore ready for our clients to connect immediately after our completion.


We pride ourselves on delivering a fast, reliable and cost effective service for any commercial & residential needs from 25mm to 500mm bores.

We instal conduits for power, water, gas, telephone, drainage and fibre.


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Reduced cost capabilities

Drilling is a lot faster then digging 

Businesses can stay open during the operation

Delivers maximum efficiency and reduces restoration costs that are associated with trenching

Results in a cleaner and more environmentally friendly job site

Reduces the need to remove or reinstate expensive landscaping, driveways or environmentally sensitive objects

Significantly reduces the impact on business and residences close to worksite