Directional Drilling Services

We pride ourselves on delivering a fast, reliable and cost effective service for any commercial & residential needs from 25mm to 500mm bores. We instal conduits for power, water, gas, telephone, drainage and fibre.


Thrust new water

main to the property

Directional drilling allows commercial & residential water mains to be drilled under driveways and gardens. 


Landslip Stabilisation

The potential for geological instability can be great as a result of environmental impacts.  Prior to, or following major landslides, surface drainage systems need to be installed to address the issues of ground movement and stability the affected area.


Multiple Pipe Installations

Install a combination of power and communications in the one bore is cost effective and less time consuming than multiple bores.


Sewer Installations

Directional drilling is currently being used to install pressure sewer systems for some water authorities because it is far more cost effective in that main lines can be bored down streets and branches can be installed into houses under garden areas, driveway and paths efficiently and effectively.


Trenchless Technology

We can install and upgrade underground utilities - ducts and cables using equipment and techniques that minimise or eliminate the need for excavation. From 25mm to 500mm bores.


Power Cable upgrade

More power phases to your commercial or residential property.


Gas Cables lines

We install new gas cables from the street to your property. 


Storm water line

Enabling trenchless boring (horizontal drilling) , directional drilling allows stormwater line to be installed in your commercial or residential property